Georgia Outdoor Laser Tag's mobile sevice provides the opportunity to enjoy an exciting laser tag experience at a location of your choice. 

We provide all equipment and gear, deliver, set up, and run all related activities.​

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We provide mobile service to any location in Georgia.

Friday - Sunday our servcice area is limited to a 50 mile radius of Atlanta, Georgia. 

Hours of operation

Monday - Thursday

8:00 AM to 10:00 PM​

Friday - Sunday

8:00 AM to 12:00 AM​

Events are typically booked to start on the hour and half hour.  Most dates are completely booked 2 weeks in advance. However, we are happy to arrage events the day of if possible.

At the time of booking your event you will be asked to provide your name, address, contact number, your preffered date and time, the age range and number of players, the number of gun rentals that you would like to have available. 











Trees, bushes, hills, walls, and bunkers provide cover as players advance throughout the field. Portable bunkers are strategically placed in concert with the landscape of your property for optimal use.

All packages include all laser tag equipment and gear, team-colored headbands, portable bunkers, game props, and staff to run all related activities.

We are committed to providing the best laser tag experience imaginable.

We have done over 1000 laser tag events and we know the tricks of the trade. We are always adding new games and different props to make your experience that much better. We have to because we see a lot of the same faces at our events so we must keep things fresh and exciting.​

Our full metal military grade laser tag equipment can be used for indoor or outdoor gameplay, in daylight or at night. 


No Vest


IR sensors attach to the front and the back of the gamers team-colored headband, and a third sensor is located at the front of the laser tagger.


Remote Game Start 

once both teams have taken position on opposite sides of the field, the game coach will start the game by wireless remote. Each tagger will alert the gamer "mission start" when it's go time.


Real-Time Stat Tracker

each laser tagger displays real-time player stats for the user to see their progress during the game. 


Firing ranges up to 600 FT

Our smallest guns have firing range of 300 ft and the morita sniper can hit targets up to 600ft.


Live-Voice Feedback

players are alerted with live-voice ques from mission start to mission complete. 


Red Dot Scope

each tagger is equiped with a red dot scope for increased accuracy


Remote Game Setting Adjustments

game coaches can quickly change player and game setting like friendly fire on/off, respawns, etc. with wireless remote. 










Our mobile laser tag service is perfect for at home birthday parties, group events, lock-inns, family reunions, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, end of year parties, fall festivals, banquets, and corporate team building.  

"The wow factor"

“That was the beat thing I have ever done!" We hear that exact phrase quite often at our events. 

 Do you want to see jaws drops and faces light up? Watch a group of kids as they walk up to our table and look at our laser taggers. Then watch their jaws drop again as they hear the tagger turn on. Their smiles only get bigger as they play laser tag and feel the rush of adrenaline.

Our guarantee​

If you and your group do not enjoy your outdoor laser tag experience, you will not be asked to pay.

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