WE PROVIDE ALL EQUIPMENT AND STAFF FOR LASER TAG. We will brief the players on all safety instructions and how to operate the laser taggers. Each game lasts an average of 10-12 minutes and we can normally do at least 6 games during a 100-minute event.  The player begins each game with 9 hit-points, meaning that they can be tagged 9 times before their tagger shuts down.  Each game is a different type of mission, ranging from capture the flag, protect the VIP, Star Wars, etc.  It is our main goal to see that the kids have a safe and fun-filled event. We always try to WOW them and want everyone to walk away with a smile! 

OUR STAFF WILL DELIVER, SET-UP, AND RUN ALL LASER TAG RELATED ACTIVITIES. We will arrive at your location 20 minutes before the scheduled start time of your event.  For example, if your event starts at 1:00pm, we will be ready for the players to begin at 1:00pn. The allotted time for your event will begin at the same time. (If there are extenuating circumstances, we will take those into consideration concerning the start time.)  Please feel free to have the players divide into two even teams before the event is scheduled to begin.

Do the laser guns cause any pain?  No, our laser tag guns use infrared technology to eliminate any pain. Laser tag is very different from paint ball, making it ideal for gamers ages 8 and up. 


Is laser tag dangerous?  Laser tag is generally safe, but like any active sport there is a potential for injury. Players run around creating the excitement of the game and often exude a great deal of intensity! Although fun, this can also create the possibility of accidents. Players have fallen off playground equipment, accidentally hit each other with the equipment, run into or fallen over each other. Bumps, bruises,skinned knees and elbows are commonplace. Bee stings and poison ivy are sometimes unexpected hazards in the playing area. We work very hard to minimize hazards to players. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. Please point out any areas of concern before the party so we can cordon off areas unsafe for game play. 


What kind of range do the laser guns have?  We use several different laser gun models. The smaller laser guns are lighter and make manuevering easier,  but they shoot at a shorter range (50 yards) than the larger laser guns. The "big guns" have a range of 100 yards! 


What happens when I am hit by a laser beam?  The sensors on your hat will light up and your gun will emit a sound similar to a loud UGGHH! Your gun will then be temporarily disabled for 3 seconds. During the 3 second delay,  you will not be able to shoot or be shot at so you can  use this time to take cover!


How long are the games?  Most games last about 10-12 minutes. Each player begins the game with 9 "hit points." This means that he or she can be hit 9 times.


What types of games do you play?  Some of the most popular games we play are:  VIP Escort, Capture the Flag, Base Defense. We can also tailor missions to meet your particular needs.


What type of property do I need to host an event?  We have done events all over Georgia!  We've brought the fun of laser tag to customers' homes, churches, camps, farms, indoor soccer centers, etc.. We have mobile bunkers that we can provide. These help to make a small area feel much larger, and also offer a place to take cover! 


Can anyone play?  Our laser tag games are appropriate for gamers who are 8 years old up to 115 years old! 


What should I wear?  That depends on the location. If you are playing in a yard or a park then players should wear clothes that they don't mind getting dirty. We recommend long pants in order to minimize scrapes or bruises in case of a fall. 


How long does an event last?  Our typical package is for 100 minutes of laser tag. It takes an additional 20-25 minutes to set up and take down making it close to 2 hours for total event time.  NOTE: Larger group events usually last 2 hours and might take a little longer to complete.


Is Outdoor Laser Tag appropriate for my daughter?  Yes!  We have done many events for girls/ladies and they love to shoot the boys!


Can you play at night?  Absolutely! Nightime events are very popular.  In fact, almost 30% of our church events happen after the sun goes down. We do require that there is some sort of lighting in the play area for safety reasons. 

We have a younger child. Can they play?  Younger siblings (ages 8 and up) are always welcome to play.  Please keep in mind that the smallest guns weigh 4.5 pounds and can be difficult for them to handle. Younger children also have more difficulty understanding the team play concept.