Laser tag is the perfect activity for a kids birthday party, corporate event, youth group, lock-in, fundraiser, played at your home,office, church, or local park. Mobile laser tag makes hosting a party or event less stressful.  Our mobile party staff will deliver set-up, and operate equipment and gear, portable bunkers at your home or location. Laser tag can be played indoor or outdoor, day or night. No bulky vest, sensors are attached to team collored headbands that playes wear also opponents can tag the sensor on the gun. For players 8 to adult.  If you have your sights on Georgia Outdoor Laser Tag, please call 404-314-2129 or contact via email,

In an effort to make our website as easy to navigate as booking a mobile laser tag event with us, we have made changes to our webpage theme. All pricing, ownership and employees have remained the same. Georgia Outdoor Laser Tag will continue to offer affordable laser tag group events, adult birthday parties, kids birthday parties, church youth group events, etc.  We hope you enjoy our new website for and we look forward to seeing you again in the future. previous webpage