All Outdoor Laser Tag Party Equipment Delivered.


Staff will setup and run all laser tag related activities for Kids Birthday Parties, Church Youth Group Events, Corporate Events and also ensure that you have the best Laser Tag experience possible. As the host you can relax while the Teams play, or you are welcome to join in on the fun.


Mobile Laser Tag Party service available for Atlanta, Metro Atlanta and most Of Georgia.


Georgia Outdoor Laser Tag is committed to excellence and we promise to always deliver a fun and exciting event to you and your guest. Your event will be filled with fun, adrenaline, laughter and excitement.


Why Choose Georgia Outdoor Laser Tag?


EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS: We have done over 1000 laser tag events and we know the tricks of the trade. We are always adding new games and different props to make your experience that much better. We have to, because we see a lot of the same faces at our events so we must keep things fresh and exciting.


WOW FACTOR! “That was the funnest thing I have ever done!” We hear that exact phrase quite often at our events. Do you want to see Jaws Drop? Watch a group of kids as they walk up to our table and look at our laser taggers. Then watch their jaws drop again as they hear the tagger turn on. Their smiles only get bigger as they play laser tag and feel the rush of adrenaline.


GUARANTEE: We guarantee that if you and your guest do not have a good time playing laser tag, you don’t pay.



Have more questions, please see our FAQs Page.



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